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Maple Leaf Dreams

This stunning Maple Leaf pattern is sure to leave you falling for fall all over again!

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Maple Leaf Pattern

This polygonal Maple Leaf pattern, reminiscent of the style of Bryce 3D, is a repeating pattern featuring light white and light crimson colors. The optical illusions created by the pattern make it a true work of art. The pattern is also reminiscent of the work of Paul Corfield and Serge Najjar, with its nature-based patterns, three-dimensional effects, and flower patterns. The delicate paper cutouts of the pattern are achieved through the use of folded planes and the combination of geometric shapes. The red leaves used in the abstract pattern, created in the style of low poly, are set against muted tones that add to the surrealism of the piece. This pattern is a true masterpiece that is not to be missed!

Dreaming up new ways to use this pattern is as easy as apple pie! From phone cases to tote bags, bed sheets to wallpaper, this pattern is versatile and beautiful. You could even print it on a canvas and hang it up as a piece of art in your home!

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