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Autumnal Maple Leaves

This seamless pattern of watercolored red maple leaves will make you fall for autumn.

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Maple Leaf Pattern

This seamless pattern features watercolor red maple leaves in the style of detailed and linear patterns. The luxurious fabrics and realistic forms of the leaves make them seem like they are right in front of you. The pattern can be used as an autumnal background and will give you nature-inspired imagery. The white background makes the light red and white hues of the leaves stand out. The leaves are arranged in a repeating pattern and are in the style of realistic watercolor paintings, inspired by the Vancouver school. This pattern is also perfect for luxurious wall hangings and mismatched patterns. The hand-drawn seamless pattern is a work of art that will add a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. The pattern pays homage to the work of Willard Metcalf, a renowned American painter.

Bring the beauty of fall to your home decor, fashion and crafts with this vibrant pattern. It can be used to create stunning wall art, cozy cushions and throws, chic fashion accessories like scarves and bags, or even to wrap gifts for your loved ones in a special way.

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