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Tropical Botanical Lime Pattern

This lime pattern is sure to add zest to any project!

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Lime Pattern

The Tropical Botanical Lime Pattern features bright green limes and delicate flowers on branches set against a light background. The pattern has a seamless design, creating a cohesive and organic feel. The detailing is realistic and hyper-detailed, with each branch and petal rendered with lifelike precision. The color palette is mostly light greens and whites, evoking a tropical and refreshing ambiance. This pattern is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their project. It would look great on everything from tote bags to throw pillows. The pattern also incorporates elements of organic simplicity, making it perfect for those who appreciate the natural world.

This pattern would be perfect for beach towels, phone cases, and summer dresses. You could also use it as a background for a tropical-themed wedding invitation.

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