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Lime and Leaf Geometric Seamless Pattern

This lime and leaf pattern is zesty and refreshing - perfect for bringing a burst of energy to any project!

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Lime Pattern

This vibrant and eye-catching pattern features slices of green and yellow lime and lime leaves arranged in a seamless geometric design. The watercolor effect adds depth and texture to the image, while the detailed shading and hand-drawn elements give it a playful and organic feel. With its bold colors and lively composition, this pattern would be perfect for everything from stationery and gift wrap to textiles and home decor. Inspired by the works of Mark Brooks, Amedee Ozenfant, and Basil Gogos, this pattern combines the best of watercolor and geometric styles to create a truly unique and dynamic image.

Bring some citrusy charm to your home decor with lime and leaf patterned curtains or cushions. For a summery twist, apply this pattern to a picnic blanket or beach towel. You could even use it to create your own unique phone case or laptop sleeve!

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