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Lime Slices Pattern

This Lime Slices Pattern is the zest thing you'll see today!

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Lime Pattern

This pattern features fresh limes and lemon slices on both green and white backgrounds, arranged in varying compositions, all from a top-down perspective. The use of vray tracing and minimal retouching allows for the fruit to be the focal point of the image. The pattern is nature-inspired, with a monochromatic palette and bold typography. The backdrops are spectacular and feature vibrant and lively hues. The style is reminiscent of Lee Broom's work. The pattern could be described as minimalist, with its mismatched patterns and elaborate fruit arrangements. The use of pigeoncore influences the playful and cheerful tone. This pattern is perfect for those who love all things citrus!

This fun pattern could brighten up any kitchen with curtains, tablecloths or dish towels. It could also make a great phone case or notebook cover. Feeling adventurous? Why not DIY your own lime slice earrings or necklace?

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