Pattern Parrot

The Lime Frenzy

Get ready to zest up your life with this juicy, refreshing pattern featuring limes and leaves in a seamless 3D design inspired by vibrant stage backdrops and hyperrealistic illustrations.

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Lime Pattern

This seamless pattern features limes and leaves in a vibrant and refreshing design that will transport you to a tropical paradise. The hyperrealistic illustrations are layered with a polished finish, giving the design a smooth and detailed look. The bold colors and marks make the pattern stand out, while the detailed foliage adds a touch of exoticism. The orange variation is just as striking, with its precision and spectacular backdrops inspired by realistic still life paintings. The green and sharp & vivid colors of the kimoicore style bring a fresh and modern twist to the pattern. Whether you're a fan of absinthe culture or avocadopunk, this lime pattern is sure to satisfy your taste for bold and eye-catching designs.

This delightful lime pattern is perfect for adding a pop of color and fun to any project! Use it as a background for your website or social media posts, wrap it around your favorite notebook or planner, or even print it out to create a memorable gift wrap. The possibilities are endless!

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