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Lime and Leaves Seamless Pattern

This juicy lime and fresh leaves seamless pattern is the zest thing for your next project.

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Lime Pattern

This lime and leaves seamless pattern is composed of multiple lime fruits and leaves, creating a refreshing and natural look. The watercolor style adds a soft and delicate touch to the pattern, while the green color palette gives it a fresh and vibrant feel. The pattern is perfect for any summer-themed project or for adding a touch of nature to any design. The illustration is high-resolution, making it perfect for print or digital use. Did you know that limes are native to Southeast Asia and were first introduced to Europe by the Moors in the 10th century?

This pattern is perfect for creating a summer-themed tote bag, a refreshing phone case, or even a set of coasters that will make you want to drink a mojito. This pattern can also be used as a background for a tropical or citrus-themed website.

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