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Lemony Blossom

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Lime Pattern

If you're looking for a pattern that's fresh, vibrant and vintage all at once, look no further than Lemony Blossom! This pattern features realistic illustrations of lemon branches and flowers in shades of sky-blue and green. The fabric has a high resolution, making it a perfect choice for large-scale canvases, stage backdrops or luxurious fabrics. The vintage graphic design style is reminiscent of the baroque era, but with a modern twist. The repeating pattern of lemon branches and flowers is perfect for flowing draperies or cheerful wallpaper! This pattern is sure to add a zestful touch to any home decor or fashion project.

Lemons are sour but this pattern is sweet! Use it to make a cheerful summer dress, a funky tablecloth, or a cozy bedspread. It's perfect for a citrus-themed kitchen or a garden party!

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