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Citrus Foliage

This pattern brings zest to your life!

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Lime Pattern

Citrus Foliage is a pattern that features cut up citrus slices in many colors and textured textures, in the style of paper sculptures, highly detailed foliage, poured, monochromatic works, yellow and green, patterns, grandiose color schemes. The pattern is made with lemon slices and limes, in the style of paper sculptures. The pieces are arranged in a way that brings to mind colorful mindscapes, diverse color palette, matte photo, nature morte, lush and detailed. The orange and lime leaf-shaped paper cut with yellow leaves and slices are in the style of meticulous photorealistic still lifes, elaborate fruit arrangements, decorative backgrounds, monochromatic palettes, green, colorful, eye-catching compositions, thick impasto texture. The lemon slices and green onions in cut paper, in the style of colorful mindscapes, detailed, and intricate compositions, are made of plastic, relief, botanical abstractions, vibrant color palettes. This pattern is perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of color and fun to their life.

Bring the summer inside with curtains, tablecloths, and napkins. Or add a splash of color to your phone case, laptop sleeve, or even your socks! The possibilities are endless.

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