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Citrus Delight

Squeeze the freshness out of your life with this citrusy seamless pattern!

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Lime Pattern

This seamless pattern is a refreshing blend of lemons, citrus branches, and delicate flowers. The green and white color scheme is reminiscent of fresh spring mornings. The pattern is created using screen tones and organic material, giving it a unique and natural feel. The high resolution of the image allows for crisp and detailed visuals. The applecore design adds a touch of retro charm to the pattern. This pattern is influenced by ancient Chinese art, and features flower and nature motifs. The citrus fruit branch seamless background pattern illustration is in the style of Fujifilm Eterna 160T Type 8531, with vienna secession multidimensional shading. The pattern is also inspired by artists Hajime Isayama and Edogawa Ranpo, with the style of Ferrania P30, realistic detailing, and UHD image.

Bring life to your kitchen with citrus-themed curtains and tablecloths! Create a fresh and fruity phone case or notebook cover! Use it as wrapping paper for a gift that's sure to make someone smile! The possibilities are endless!

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