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Botanical Lime Pattern

Get ready to add a zest of freshness to your life with this botanical lime pattern!

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Lime Pattern

This pattern features beautifully illustrated limes with green fruit and white flowers, set against a black background. The attention to detail in the realistic style makes the limes look almost good enough to eat! The seamless pattern makes it perfect for a wide variety of applications. The black background really makes the vibrant green colors of the limes and flowers pop. The pattern is reminiscent of luxurious fabrics, and the applecore style adds just the right amount of artistic flair. The pattern also has a high resolution, making it perfect for large canvas sizes or UHD images. Fun fact: the pattern was inspired by the work of Arnoldo Pomodoro, a renowned Italian sculptor.

This pattern would look amazing on kitchen towels, tote bags, or even a summer dress. You could also use it as a background for your phone or computer screen to add some natural beauty to your day.

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