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Diwali Patterns

Diwali is a big, bright festival with lots of lights, colors and patterns. This beautiful collection of patterns draws inspirations from Diwali, the vibrant festival of lights celebrated in India. Among the illustrations, candles, and floral designs in bright shades of orange and yellow take center stage, embodying the festive charm typical of Diwali. The patterns also feature interesting elements like women in traditional saris, colorful lanterns, and traditional motifs that further highlight the cultural richness of this beloved festival. Without reliance on extraneous elements, the patterns have been thoughtfully designed to be both versatile and engaging. Each one is seamless and can be tiled, making them perfect for a variety of applications - from digital wallpapers and e-card backgrounds to fabric designs and prints. With such diversity and artistry on offer, these patterns stand as great representations of the colorfulness, energy, and spirit that is synonymous with Diwali.
Colorful floral Diwali pattern with warm colors and playful explosions A seamless pattern of Diwali flames on a black background with bright orange and indigo colors. Colorful Diwali pattern with lamps, flowers, and rural motifs Colorful lamps and candlesticks in a whimsical cartoonish style on a dark background, reminiscent of traditional Indian traditions and religious iconography. A seamless pattern featuring burning candles, green leaves, and flowers in dark green and dark amber colors. Colorful and bright oil lamps set against a white background in a watercolor pattern for Diwali celebration Colorful Indian Festival of Lights seamless pattern with flowers and candles Colorful and glowing Indian watercolor pattern with candle leaves and traditional symbols, perfect for Diwali celebrations. Colorful floral pattern featuring orange and blue flowers on a white background, with teal and amber accents. A colorful seamless pattern with Diwali diya and leaves, featuring vibrant flickering lights and cultural symbolism. A seamless pattern featuring colorful candles and leaves set against a green background. A set of Diwali candles and tea lights in wooden boxes with layered texture and polychrome terracotta, inspired by Indian traditions and designed by Elba Damast. A vibrant and symbolic Diwali celebration pattern featuring orange and yellow tikki and lamp motifs on a dark background. A seamless pattern with a Diwali theme featuring candles and flowers in shades of dark orange and light indigo on a dark background. A vibrant Diwali pattern with a central candle surrounded by colorful flowers in shades of bright orange and yellow. A seamless pattern with flowers and flames on a black background inspired by Indian traditions and Diwali celebration. A seamless pattern of radiant and colorful Indian lanterns, candles, and diya lamps on a white background. A seamless pattern of lanterns, flowers, and candles in black and orange colors inspired by folklore and traditional oil paintings. A seamless pattern of yellow candles and fireworks on a dark blue background. A colorful pattern of Diwali lamps and decorative flowers in vibrant shades. A vibrant watercolor pattern featuring intricate lanterns in shades of red, purple, violet, and amber. A seamless pattern featuring bright, colorful images of lanterns set against a dark background. A colorful seamless pattern featuring hand-drawn tila flowers and burnt candles, set against a dark blue background that evokes a starry night. Golden candles and naturalistic waves on a night sky background A colorful and festive Indian Diwali pattern featuring candles, leaves, burning lamps, and flowers. Floral seamless pattern with candle and decorative flowers on black background A seamless pattern featuring lotus flowers and candles set against a dark orange and dark black backdrop. A seamless pattern with colorful flames, leaves, and branches on a dark background. Colorful Diwali lamps in a seamless pattern Colorful candles and lights arranged in a seamless pattern. A colorful and festive pattern of Diwali lights on a dark background. A stunning pattern featuring floating candles in water with intricate details and layered compositions, inspired by traditional Vietnamese motifs and romantic floral elements, in a serene color palette of light gold and dark aquamarine, with realistic lighting and sparkling water reflections. A seamless pattern featuring gold tea lights arranged in a beautiful floral design on a dark background. A seamless pattern featuring cute cartoonish illustrations of women in traditional sari costumes holding candles and diyas. A playful and colorful flower pattern on a bright orange background A colorful pattern of candles and diya symbols against a dark, starry night sky. A colorful and surreal pattern of lit candles against a dark background. Colorful Diya lights on a black background Colorful candles arranged on a blue background in a traditional Indian pattern A colorful Diwali pattern featuring candlelights, dichi lamps, and rangolis set against a dark background. A pattern featuring candles, pinecones, trees, and leaves in dark gold and light aquamarine.